About Silicone Molds

Silicone molds can be used in different forms of arts and craft mediums both edible and non. Non-edible mediums would include polymer clay, precious metal clay (PMC), clay, cement, casting resin, melt and pour soap, candle wax, cold porcelain, hot glue, low melt metals, plaster and more! Our molds are made from a high quality platinum based silicone that is ‘NOT’ harmful, ‘NOT’ toxic, does ‘NOT’ emit any fumes and can withstand temperatures as high as 395 degrees F.

Our silicone molds can be used for edible purposes with fondant, gum paste, candy melts, tempered chocolate, poured sugar, marzipan, pastillage, royal icing, butter, ice, gelatin, ice cream, hard candy and so much more! Our flexible molds are Food Grade approved by the FDA 21 CFR177.2600 as well as the FDA for suitability for use with water based foods & foods that contain fat. Each of our molds are unaffected and remain pliable when placed into the freezer. WARNING – Never use the same mold for edible and non-edible purposes, cross contamination can lead to serious health risks.

Always clean your molds when you first receive them as well as after each use. Our molds can be cleaned in hot, soapy water, be placed in the dishwasher or even be boiled. Never wash your molds with abrasive pads or cleaning agents! Molds should be stored lying flat and wrapped or in food storage containers. Molds should not be stored underneath other objects or be weighed down, it could lead to warping from its original shape. Taking proper care of your molds will ensure a long and dependable mold life!